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  Free London & London, ENG Books (.pdfs)

Londoners Then & Now (art) Salaman 1920
Haunts of Old London (art) Pennell 1914
Ancient Halls of City Guilds (art) Way 1903
Vanishing London (art) Paul 1894
London Pictures (art) Lovett 1890

A London Mosaic George 1921
London in War-Time Burke 1919
More Wanderings in London Lucas 1918
London's Underworld Holmes 1912
Private Palaces of London Chancellor 1908
A Wanderer in London Lucas 1906
Parks, Gardens... of London Sexby 1905
Dicken's London Miltoun 1903
Amusements of Old London Boulton 1901
Early London Theatres Ordish 1899
London Souvenirs Heckethorn 1899
South London Besant 1899
London of Today Pascoe 1885
Rambles Round London Town Matéaux 1884
Dictionary of London Charles Dickens 1879
Holland House Marie Liechtenstein 1875
Club Life in London Timbs 1872
Memorials of Temple Bar Noble 1869
Curiosities of London Timbs 1868
Laws... of London Pulling 1854
London Charles Knight 1851
The World of London Murray 1844
Chronicles of London Bridge Thomson 1839
Public Buildings of London Britton 1838
The Great Metropolis v1 Grant 1837
The Great Metropolis v2 Grant 1838
Walks Through London Hughson 1817
Manners & Customs of London Malcom 1811
Instructive Rambles in London Helme 1798
A Survey of London Stow 1603

London Baedeker guide 1908
Environs of London Handbook Thorne 1876
London (Illustrated) 1876
London & Its Environs 1853
British Metropolis in 1851
London & Environs Described v1 1761
London & Environs Described v2 1761
London & Environs Described v4 1761
London & Environs Described v5 1761
London & Environs Described v6 1761

  Free England Books

Delightful English Towns Howells 1906
Mansions of England... Nash 1906
Travels in England Le Gallienne 1900
England & Her Colonies Froude 1886
Angler's Guide to... England Blakey 1853
Rural Life of England Howitt 1838
England James Fenimore Cooper 1837
Mfg Districts of England Head 1836
England and the English E B Lytton 1833

History of Civilization in England Buckle 1913
Stonehenge and Other... Lockyer 1906
Mediaeval England Bateson 1904
Arts in Early England Brown 1903
Evolution of the English House Addy 1898
Hand-Book to the Roman Wall Bruce 1895
Growth of English Industry Cunningham 1892
Merrie England in the Olden Time Daniel 1873
History of the Anglo-Saxons Turner 1841
Description of England 1577-87 Harrison

  Free Scotland Books

The Burns Country (50 photos) Dougall 1904
The Lands of Scott Hunnewell 1880
Biographical Dictionary
    of Eminent Scotsmen
Chambers 1875
Industries of Scotland Bremner 1869
The Scottish Nation Anderson 1863
Memoirs Sir James Mackintosh 1853
Western Islands of Scotland S Johnson 1817
Observations... Gilpin 1776

Black's Picturesque Tourist of Scotland 1887
Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland Groome 1885

  Free Scotland History Books

Social... History of Scotland Mackinnon 1921
A Short History of Scotland Brown 1908
A History of Scotland Lang 1907
18th C. Social Life of Scotland Graham 1906
Literary History of Scotland Millar 1903
History of Scotland Brown 1902
Clans of Scotland Johnston 1899
Civilisation in Scotland Mackintosh 1896
Celtic Scotland Skene 1890
A History of the Highlands Browne 1851
Western Highlands History Gregory 1836
History of Scotland Robertson 1831
The History of Scotland Walter Scott v1 1830
The History of Scotland Walter Scott v2
The History of Scotland Buchanan 1829
History of Scotland 1149-1603 Tytler
Pitscottie's Cronicles v1 Lindsay 1577
Pitscottie's Cronicles v2 Lindsay 1577
The Historie of Scotland Leslie 1571

History of Mary, Queen of Scots Abbot 1878
Queens of Scotland Strickland 1858
Life of Mary, Queen of Scots Bell 1840
Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots 1845
King James I of Scotland Stevenson 1837

  Free Edinburgh Books

Edinburgh R L Stevenson (27 b&w pics)
Edinburgh R L Stevenson (12 color pics)
Modern Athens! (drawings) Britton 1829

Romantic Edinburgh Geddie 1911
Edinburgh Under Sir Walter Scott Fyfe 1907
Old Edinburgh Watkeys 1908
Edinburgh Williamson 1906
The Story of Edinburgh Smeaton 1905
Memorable Edinburgh Houses Harrison 1898
The Book of Old Edinburgh Dunlop 1896
Royal Edinburgh Oliphant 1893
Edinburgh... Memories Masson 1892
Edinburgh in Olden Time Wilson 1891
Ancient Old Edinburgh Dunlop 1890
Edinburgh Life 100 Years Ago Topham 1886
Reminiscences of Old Edinburgh Wilson 1878
Edinburgh Past & Present Ballingall 1877
High Constables of Edinburgh Marwick 1865
A History of Edinburgh Anderson 1856
The Castle of Edinburgh Grant 1850
Traditions of Edinburgh Chambers 1847
Picture of Edinburgh Stark 1825
Walks in Edinburgh Chambers 1825
Views in Edinburgh Storer 1820
History of Edinburgh to 1780 Arnot 1816

Black's Guide to Edinburgh 1868
New Guide to the City of Edinburgh 1797

  Free Wales Books

Beautiful Wales (art) Fowler 1905

My Neighbors Evans 1920
Gallant Little Wales Marks 1912
A History of Wales Lloyd 1912
South Wales: Country of Castles GWR 1907
Wild Wales Borrow 1907
Gossiping Guide to Wales Roberts 1906
Oxford, Gloucester & Milford Haven Rd 1905
March & Borderland of Wales Bradley 1905
...In North Wales Bradley 1905
History of... the Welsh People Evans 1901
Welshmen Stephens 1901
Welsh Wars of Edward I Morris 1901
The Marches of Wales Harper 1894
Ancient Laws of Wales Lewis 1889
Gossiping Guide to Wales Roberts 1882
The Worthiness of Wales Churchyard 1876
The Book of South Wales Hall 1861
Heroines of Welsh History Prichard 1854
Biographical Dictionary
    of Eminent Welshmen
Williams 1852
Ancient Laws of Cambria Probert 1823
The Cambrian Register v3 1818
The Cambrian Register v2 1796
The Royal Tribes of Wales Yorke 1799
The History of Wales Warrington 1788
The History of Wales Caradoc 1774

South Wales Handbook Murray 1860

  Free Great Britain Books

England & Wales Bicycle Tour Chandler 1879
Select Work of the British Poets 1843
Beauties of England & Wales Britton 1816

Natural History of British Lepidoptera 1906
Natural History of British Butterflies 1835
Life-History of British Lizards Leighton 1903
History of British Birds 1816
The British Flora Thornton 1812

Great Britain Handbook Baedeker 1906
Geography of the British Islands Green 1903
Gazetteer of Britain & Ireland Cassell 1900
Handbook for England & Wales Murray 1878
Black's Pict. Tourist of England & Wales 1862
Gazetteer of England & Wales 1851
Geo. Dict. of England & Wales Cobbett 1832
All Roads in England & Wales Paterson 1781

  Free Great Britain History Books

Life in Ancient Britain Ault 1920
History of England & G. Britain Cross 1914
The English Historians Beard 1906
England from 1350-1660 Jane 1905
History of Civilization in England Buckle 1895
English Records Malden 1894
History of England to 1885 Gardiner 1892
Graphic History of the British Collier 1891
History of England Hume & Smollett 1831
History of Great Britain Henry 1814
The British History Thompson 1718

History of the British Army Fortescue 1920
Naval History of Great Britain Hervey 1779
History of British Commerce Levi 1872
History of British Journalism Andrews 1859
History of British Commerce Craik 1844

  Free Northern Ireland Books

Donegal and Antrim Gwynn 1899
The Scot in Ulster Harrison 1888
An Unknown Country Craik 1887
Macdonnells of Antrim Hill 1873
The Giants' Causeway 1834
Annals of Ulster 1790-1798 McSkimin

Historical Notices of Old Belfast Magill 1896
History of the Town of Belfast 1823
The Town Book of Belfast 1613-1816

Guide to Belfast BNFC 1902
Guide to Belfast Esler 1884
Black's Guide to Belfast 1871

The Annals of Derry Simpson 1847
The Siege of Londonderry Graham 1829

Ordnance Survey of Londonderry 1837

  Free UK Magazine Volumes

English Illustrated Mag. v13 Apr-Sep 1895
Fraser's Magazine v24 Jul-Dec 1881
Macmillan's Magazine v39 Nov 1878-Apr '79

Blackwood's Magazine v209 Jan-Jun 1921
Blackwood's Magazine v145 Jan-Jun 1889
Tait's Edinburgh Mag. v27 Jan-Dec 1860
Celtic Magazine v12 1887

Wales: A Nat'l Magazine v4 1897
Wales: A Nat'l Magazine v3 1896
Wales: A Nat'l Magazine v2 1897
Wales: A Nat'l Magazine v1 1894

Belfast Magazine Feb-Jul 1825

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  UK Auctions

Turn clutter into cash at eBay.co.uk (United Kingdom) You can buy or sell virtually anything under the sun at the United Kingdom's largest online auction site.

  UK Clothing Shops

Clermont Direct Ltd (UK) is one of the UKs leading online formalwear retailers, selling gentlemen's formal clothing at factory outlet prices. If you are looking to buy a dinner jacket, dinner suit, dress shirt, or any other evening wear at affordable prices, they can help. Clermont Direct will happily exchange items for alternative sizes free of charge, and offer you a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied (see website for details).

  UK Lingerie Shops

Delicates (UK) carries the sexiest designer lingerie from around the world. Most orders are dispatched the same day; all are discreetly packaged and can be gift-wrapped. Their sexy lingerie and underwear ranges include the luxury lingerie designers Diki, Jane Woolrich and Ayten Gasson, French lingerie designers Lola Luna and Luxxa, and London based Insinuate. Sexy stockings and hold-ups from sexy lingerie designers Leg Avenue, Cervin and Le Bourget are in stock for immediate dispatch. Erotic thongs and knickers designed in Brazil by Sensualle, and knickers, thongs and briefs made in Poland by Wolbar, are all in stock for immediate dispatch. Delicates ships to all of the UK and worldwide via Royal Mail.

Lingerie.co.uk (UK) offers British customers a choice of gorgeous sexy lingerie mailed in discreet, attractive and sturdy outer packaging, with free gift wrapping available. "...If you are in any way dissatisfied with the goods you have ordered. Please return the goods within 28 days. We will exchange up to the value of your order provided that the item has not been worn and the label remains intact and will not make second postage charge unless the item is to be gift wrapped."

  UK Department Stores

Argos (UK) is an online UK shopping mall with over over 18,000 products, including toys and games, watches and jewelry, sporting goods, home and garden products, consumer electronics, computers, furniture, and more.

A special shipper with more than 80 years experiance, Westfalia carries more than than 25,000 useful and reasonably priced products, including tools, entertainment electronics, car accessories, household, garden, & agriculture goods and much more.

  UK Music Shops, UK CD Shops, UK MP3 Shops

Music lovers who subscribe to Napster UK get access to unlimited streaming and downloading to over 1 Million full-length tracks. Subscribers can also burn all their favourite tracks to CD and transfer music to portable digital music players. Choose from thousands of artists from the world's largest online music catalogue. Sign up now and get a 7-day free trial.

  UK Computer Shops, UK PC Shops

The Adobe UK Store offers the finest video editing, photo editing, and other productivity software direct from the publisher, like Premiere, Studio, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat, as well as web publishing titles like Dreamweaver and Flash formerly sold under the Macromedia name. Non-UK shoppers should link to the Adobe France Store, the Adobe Germany Store, the Adobe USA Store, or the Adobe Asia Pacific Store.

Crucial Memory (UK) UK shoppers can find the right RAM for your computer in just three clicks. Crucial also sells the new "double data rate" DDR SDRAM for faster PCs, and Compact Flash memory for portable devices. You will pay in pounds, get a 10% online discount and free UK shipping, and a lifetime warranty.

  UK Photo Printing

Snapfish (UK) provides UK customers with excellent quality digital prints onto Kodak photo paper at rock bottom prices, as well as the ability to share photos online and to create custom photo gifts for friends, family and loved ones. Join and get 20 free prints of your photos.

  UK Bookstores, UK Book Shops

Advanced Book Exchange UK, is the top marketplace for used, rare, second-hand, antiquarian and out-of-print books.

  UK Garden Shops

Gardening Express (UK) offers a large variety of garden plants, plus planters, parasols, garden furniture, and more. All prices include delivery to your door: plants are delivered to the UK & EU; seeds ship worldwide.

  UK Web Hosting

1&1 (UK) hosting packages in the UK start at £4.99/month for 800 MB storage and 10 GB transfer.


Delicates UK - ships worldwide

Clermont Direct UK

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